Monday, June 18, 2012

Location, location, location...

William Dillard, founder of Dillard’s department stores, is credited with saying that the 3 most important things in business are ‘location, location, location’. Well Mr. Dillard didn’t have the Internet, so bah to his philosophy.

Well good for me because I have a great location on the waterfront of the North End of Boston!  Bad for me because I don’t have a sign out front to let folks know that I am in there. As many of you know who read this I am located inside another business. The sign out front on the large purplish awning reads “Jacquelyn’s Day Spa”. But what most passerbyers don’t know is that there are no less than 5 businesses inside. There is Jacquelyn herself, she is an esthetician also; Tina hair stylist extraordinaire has ‘Koukla Salon’; Robert stays very busy with ‘Boston Harbor Acupuncture’; and Susan with her gifted hands is the massage therapist (call her directly at 617-283-4765). Together we make quite a team!

So my little treatment room is one stop shopping, I even check you out in there. (Check you out as in cash you out, complete the sale, take payment, not size you up to see if you would be a good match for my single guy friends. But hey if you are interested I know a nice fellow or two)!

I take the time to explain all this because; well it’s worth explaining. Lots of first time clients walk in and are not quite sure they are in the right place. I don’t blame them; honestly I would be confused myself. Sometime I still am confused, I feel the need to report to my roommates my whereabouts. I am still getting used to being on my own, and not being an employee. But I think letting my peers know when I am stepping out for a break is just considerate and not insecure.

So instead of considering my business difficult to locate I like to think of it as more of a hidden gem that’s worth the effort to find.

107 Atlantic Ave. Boston, MA

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