Thursday, June 7, 2012


I love shaping brows, of all the services I perform this one is the most artistic. But new clients who show up for a brow wax and have no input on what they would like vex me. Could it be that everyone is so completely satisfied with the shape of their brows that “just clean ‘em up” is all I need to know, no this can’t be right.  

So I coax info out of my clients, with questions such as;
  • Are you happy with your brows?
  • When was the last time you had them professionally done?
  • Do you tweeze at home in between waxings to keep them up?
Answers to these questions give me a great starting point at what we can accomplish with your brows.

What clients need to know is brows are not identical twins on the majority of people, on some they are more like distant cousins, barely resembling each other. My job is to create symmetry in the brows that will most flatter your face. What parts of the face do I consider when shaping the brow, the overall shape of the face and the size of each feature; eyes, nose, and lips and their proportion to each other.

For example if you have a long oval shaped face and your brows are really short this is going to make you face look even longer and narrower. So I would suggest the span of the brow is increased, that is where the brow starts to where the brow ends needs to be longer. Now please don’t get me wrong, to each his own. If you have very specific instructions on what you want that is exactly what I will do. If you firmly say, “Wax the left one off and leave the right one alone”! That is exactly what I will do, just as soon as the wave of nausea has left me.

Nice Brow

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