Monday, June 4, 2012

The Brazilian

Some consider it a necessary evil; others just consider it evil, either way I find that it is the one service I perform that has the most questions surrounding it. The most common questions are:

  • Will it hurt? Depends on your pain threshold.
  • How long will it last? Depends on how fast your hair grows.
  • How much & how long will the redness last? Depends your skin type. 
  • How long does it take? How much hair do you have? Usually about 20 minutes.
Are you noticing a common thread here, it's not about a magic wax, the  answers to all of your questions really depend on the physiology of you skin. 

For first-timers it is never as bad as you have imagined it, actually it over pretty darn quick. I think my long time clients would agree that the worst part is just being naked under bright lights (think alien abduction)!  That’s why I do my own Brazilian by candle light, so much more flattering that soft glow and flicker… joking!  But I do wax myself under the same harsh fluorescent light that I wax my clients, and I have been contacted by the ‘International Contortionist Society of the Freakishly Flexible & Utterly Determined.” 

For my long-time clients that worst part might be that you are my captive audience! I will talk to you, I will remember where you work, why you broke up with you last boyfriend and have no problems telling you I think dating his new roommate is a bad idea. Have pity on me people if I wasn’t for my clients I would be basically working alone, plus a little conversation is a welcome distraction, so my clients tell me, from that task at hand.

For both first-timers and long-timers, the big question is: ‘what can I do to make it less painful?’  Some of my clients take an ibuprofen or two about 20 minutes before coming in. Others use a topical numbing cream & a post wax calming lotion, (I sell both, how convenient, lol). Others use nothing.

Left to right:
'Get the bump outta here', ingrown hair treatment
'No trauma momma', after wax calming lotion
'No scream cream', numbing cream

Please don't hesitate to post comments and ask some questions I am sure I didn't come close to answering all of them here.

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