Monday, June 25, 2012

At Arms Length

When I went into the beauty biz about 9 years ago, I promised myself that I would never prey on people’s beauty insecurities to increase sales. When you come to me for a brow wax, I will never ask if you want to do your lip also (even if I think you might need it)! Shocking right? Now some folks might think it’s my job to point these things out to my clients, to that I say, do you point these things out to your friends? I am sure the answers to that will vary.

I leave it up to my clients to request services they think they need because we are our own harshest critics and I would not want to bring anything to light that the client hasn't all ready noticed. 

Over examination of ourselves is way too common. When I am done waxing someones brows I hand them a mirror to check out the finished product. 9 out of 10 times they take the mirror and hold it like two inches from their face inspecting each hair rather than taking in the brow shape, the whole face, & how the two should go together and complement each other. It is at this point that I tell client to hold the mirror back, at arms length. I say, “this is how most people see you & if they are any closer they already know and love you”! If I feel that the client isn’t buying my philosophy, I move in closer than arms length and start talking to them, that seems to bring the point home, its a little creepy. And even when we do come across that occasional ‘close talker’, we are just trying to get away from them, or we are drunk and having a hard time focusing our eyes anyway! And for the 1 client is 10 that takes in the bigger picture, you are my dream come true!

In all fairness I too have those days when I wonder why people pick me do their beauty treatments; admittedly I stand inches from the bathroom mirror until my back starts hurting, pulling at my skin which is perpetually caught between acne and aging. (I’m 40, come on already!!!) Then I remember the advice I give to clients, I back up from the mirror and smile! A smile is the best beauty accessory!

That's me, feeling good at about 10 arms length, smiling all the way!

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