Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going Solo

Late last year, I decide to open my own business, be the 'master of my destiny' as they say. And it has been awesome! I was told before I started my own little business that I would be working more hours, and it's true. The difference is I love it, being in control of my schedule & seeing the direct effect of my decisions is just as rewarding as I imagined it to be. It has all been worth it! I will not lie, there is a lot of paper work involved, but that just feeds my OCD and control freak side perfectly.  And sometimes it is hard to be present in mind when I am meeting family & friends for a relaxing time. Somewhere in the back of my head are thoughts such as 'should I start a blog', 'did I save that receipt', 'are my new shoes a business expense'...
You get the picture.  

The transition wasn't terribly difficult, but it was terrifying at first. Now I have found my groove and it's business as usual. And I have found the time to start that blog! 

A huge resource in the business starting process is Check them out, they are a free brain trust that you can meet with in person, and they care. Really I can not say enough kind words for this service. Did I mention they are free! Nothing to lose. 

My first day at my new place was January 25th 2012! Now almost four months into it, I just can't help thinking 'why the heck didn't I do this sooner'!
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