Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Accident

I am frequently asked, 'how did you come to be a waxer?'. Well yes I am a waxer, but my official license states that I am an 'Esthetician' according to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And the short answer is, I confused going to the spa with working at the spa. Can you see how easily this could be done? I mean how many folks have a bed in their office? I do! Well technically it's a treatment room, not an office, and the bed is not an actually bed it's a treatment table. Nonetheless, it's comfy, comfy, comfy!

Before people started referring to me as their "wax girl", I started out in computer science. Wow, talk about a 180 turn right? In brief it was the best thing I ever did! My quality of life is way up, now only strapped to a laptop if I choose to be. I love the fact that I can build my own website, set up this blog and hopefully link everything together so that it make sense, but you can be the judge of that! 

Right now I think this blog will be about me, you and the products and things we love and hate that help us accomplish clear smooth skin. 

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