Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Form vs. Function

When clients first come into my room, they notice the sink. Comments, all positive, usually go something like this, “oh my God, I love that sink”!  And when I first laid eyes on it I felt the same. I stood back and admired the Zen design and contemplated the things I would accomplish because I have such a beautiful sink. I think it’s the same syndrome that occurs when we are children and we get new sneakers. The thought of being so fast in our gleaming new kicks, overwhelms us to the point of staring down at our feet when we walk. Then, BAM! You walked into a pole, or tripped, or bumped into the mean kid at school who hates you & your new shoes.

I have had a few moments like that with this sink. I love it and hate it and I think it feels the same about me.  I will be kind and start with the pros, water comes out of the faucet both hot and cold or a nice mix and yes you can pick your own temperature! Very high tech I know! The best part is when you are done with said water it goes right down the drain. (I work on Boston’s Waterfront, so I think I drain directly to the harbor, I use a lot of water don’t blame me for low tide odors please)! Another pro is that the bottle of hand soap can be positioned over the edge of the sink so that you never get soap slime all over the counter, well in theory anyway. 

Now the cons, if you turn the water on to high, it will splash right out of the edge and on to your mid section. This could possibly be some sort of ‘shower’ feature that I was not aware of since the sink was the only thing that came with the room.  Also much like a shower, there is not a stopper. You know the little thing you pull at the back of the faucet to keep the basin full. Nada, zip, just not there, and with it’s awesome Zen design it’s not possible to buy one or modify. It’s the ol’ rag in the drain for me if I would like to soak and rinse.  And now the most horrible of cons, OCD cleaners you have been warned to stop reading now. Because the basin is glass, constant water spots! Inside and out! I feel like I am single handedly keeping Bounty & Windex in business!

In the end I have made a conscious decision to be happy with it, I mean who needs function when you have such wonderful form.  Kind of like Lady Gaga’s heels, I wonder what her childhood sneakers looked liked.

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